Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Health and Wellness

My name is Tonya and I am a Massage Therapist, Skin Care Specialist and soon to be Personal Trainer. All of these things contribute to Health and Wellness. I believe that a healthy life style will prolong life. A lot of people think that just eating healthy will suffice, I on the other hand believe that Fitness is a very big part of Healthy Living as well as healthy eating.  Look at the benefits of being active and exercising,

controls weight

combats health conditions and diseases

improves mood

boosts energy

promotes better sleep

puts the spark back into your sex life

can be fun

I would love to gain some knowledge and or advice from those who are already Health and wellness professionals as well as those who would like to start a new healthy lifestyle but have no idea where to begin. 


  1. I'm just getting back into the swing of healthy eating and physical activity, after a hiatus from both. While I had fun on my hiatus, it has definitely taken it's toll on my energy level and waistline. That being said, getting back in the swing is all about mindset and commitment. It's not easy, but it's a choice. And yes, I have fallen off the wagon. But I get back on and return to the plan. I've started with a 2 small commitments, and my plan builds from there.

    1. 3x3's- Eating a small meal every 3 hours that balances carbs, fat, and protein
    2. 20 mins of exercise a day, even if it's just a walk around the block. Sometimes I break it up, but I get it in. Increasing this by 5 mins every week to build back up.

    I have been through the up and downs of living a healthy lifestyle. For me, it comes down to my personal commitment and discipline, and giving myself permission to put me as a priority.

  2. Thank you Julie for sharing, Im sure that others have experienced the same thing, I know I have that is why I chose to make Fitness and health a career.

  3. I fairly regularly end up "on a break" from the gym due to some outside force. Or so I can claim. And the toughest part is getting started again. Once I get going for a few days, it becomes easier and easier. It's the "I don't have time today, I'll do it tomorrow" that gets me every time. It's a matter of priority. I have to make myself, and my fitness, a priority. I'm already back on track with the diet and am getting the exercise back up and running. It'll take a few weeks to get back all the way, but I'll get there.

    One interesting thing I have found in this cycle I get into is that it actually HELPS me to take a few weeks off from the gym a couple of times a year, and then go back at it. My body responds better to this than constant workouts -- even though I only work out 3 - 5 days a week when I'm in full swing.

  4. Taking time off is great David, some people think that going hard 7 days a week will get you where you need to be, but in actuality you need some down time as well. Thank you David.

  5. I have always been healthier and more active when I was younger and that's when I had a high metabolism. Now that I'm older I know that I don't have a metabolism like a teen anymore but I still think that I do. So I need that motivation and someone to help me keep focused because I do need to start. Please help Tonya!!

    xo Sheila

    1. I would love to help you Sheila, All you need is a little push and a lot of motivation. I will be your biggest cheerleader and whip you into shape at the same time. So hold on I'm coming to help you accomplish your fitness goals.