Thursday, April 10, 2014

Today I was talking lady about fitness and she told me that the reason she doesn't work out is because she is self conscious about her body and she does not want to go to a gym or fitness center and work out with some big guy or petite woman with a perfect body. My response to her was, you know, you are the reason why I chose to become a Personal Trainer. My focus is women's health for Ages 40 and up that want to train with someone just like them. Im starting my Personal Training journey out of shape, overweight, self conscious about my body and over 40. I chose to do it that way because I want to be a walking testimony, I want people to see real before and after pics of someone who has tried all the fad diets, and struggled with fluctuating weight. So if this is you, hold on, I am coming to educate and help you reach those Fitness Goals!!!!


  1. Tonya,
    You will be a great inspiration to clients and such a helpful resource with your extensive background.

    People like the woman you mentioned are the ones we are all working to help! It is hard to see from her viewpoint, but almost everyone with that "fit look" has been through their own struggles. From injury, to being self-conscious, to a lifestyle change, the reasons for that struggle vary -- but none of them started where they are today.

    As the comments below state, it really is a process; one that we all go through - clients and trainers included. As a trainer, you can provide people like her the motivation, goals and someone to keep them honest on their journey to improved health, fitness, and confidence.

    Christina Story

  2. You are walking the talk, and who wouldn't believe in that, or trust it? Be their living proof. Can't wait to see your self inspiration get through to others.